I’m David a freelance photographer

Since I moved to the United States in 2018, I have discovered that photography is my preferred method of expressing the things that capture my attention and imagination. From the moment I first held a DSLR camera, I developed an unshakeable passion for photography. Whether I'm setting up a scene in a small studio or searching for the most captivating frames in any street or mountain, life has become so much more meaningful with photography.

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Fact 1

I was born and raised in Venezuela, and moved to U.S.A in 2018. I learned English, and Finished High School in 2023.


Fact 2

I discovered my love for Photography in High School, and still is my biggest passion.


Fact 3

Discovering new editing tricks, new lighting setups, and new frames is my daily dose of Happyness.


Fact 4

I love to make my clients feel happy with my work!